Sade’s love goes from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’ with You+Me

I fucking love Sade and I love this cover even more!

Back in October of 2014, the talented Alecia Moore, best known by her stage name P!nk, announced her side project: You+Me. Alecia has taken a step away from her usual pop-rock, boyfriend-bashing sound and moved back a bit to her melancholic roots, teaming up with Canadian singer-songwriter and long-time friend Dallas Green of City and Coulour. Together, they have formed this amazingly, beautiful duo with guitar and piano sounds that could swoon even the cold-hearted. Alecia, herself, brings those raw, emotion-packed vocals that could fill up an entire cathedral.

What the two thought would be a one-shot, one-song thing ended up turning into an entire album: Rose Ave. The harmony and dynamic of both Alecia and Dallas come together in such an effortlessly passionate way that was easily showcased on their cover of Sade’s “Ordinary Love”. Many have taken on the challenge of covering the r&b goddess’…

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